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captain, being extremely elegant on a crime scene

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Ladies of Grimm + Name meanings

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Where’s my daughter?! You gave her to Victor?!It’s the only way she’ll be safe.  No!

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Adalind Schade


Just realized that Adalind Schade translates into “noble shame.”

Edit: As a Nonny kindly pointed out, the clarification should be made that “schade” isn’t the noun form of “shame” in German. Rather, it is used as one would say “pity” or “what a shame/pity” or “it is a shame/pity.”

What the Nonny pointed out is correct. But “Schade” is also an archaic German term for “harm” or “damage”. In my opinion it is likely, that the creators of the show and the name might have had this meaning in mind. After all the German term for black magic is “Schadenzauber”. Today Germans use the term “Schaden” for “harm”, but this wouldn’t have allowed the “shade” pronunciation of Adalinds surname, which is in my opinion intentional. By the way Germans would pronounce Adalinds surname in the same way prince Victor does it. 

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Why are we having this conversation?

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baby david giuntoli :)

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"He’s covered for me, more than once."
"That’s because he wants you on his side."

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